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The most recent Apatow produced comedy continues the run of pretty good comedies by the fore mentioned comedy mastermind. Superbad revolves around the story of two seniors Evan and Seth who find the opportunity to possibly get laid at the last big high school party they will ever get to go to. Outcasts of the high school party scene, Seth and Evan are still no strangers to the cruder aspects of being a high school guy, drinking, porn, and pining over girls are all everyday traits for these two, who are sometimes joined by Fogell (or to later be known as McLovin).
Seth and Evan both get in the good graces of a couple of girls when Fogell scores a fake ID, which is where he gets his name McLovin, and they offer to by the ladies alcohol for the big party. Seth is the hornier of the two and he is the mastermind of the plan and sets the ridiculously high expectations for the night’s events. As expected, nothing goes smoothly, and the three guys end up on an adventure of trying to get laid and participate in underage drinking.
Seth Rogen and Bill Hader show up as a couple of cops looking to feel young again and they cross paths with McLovin/Fogell while Seth and Evan get seriously detoured on their quest to the party; madness ensues.
Jonah Hill is great as Seth and plays the part great, he is a bit annoying sometimes with his ridiculousness, but that is the character not Hill, so it’s ok; not to mention he has some amazing rants through out the picture. Rogen and Hader are kind of up and down as the cops, but every time you are about to get tired of them, they redeem themselves. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also good in his first movie as Fogell and like Hill, his character teaters on annoying occasionally, but he does an excellent job as the character. Michael Cera is the best thing about this movie, and pretty much anything he is in. I find him hilarious with his awkwardness and one liners and he is a great improviser as well; check him out in all the special features on the DVD for some great cut bits by him.
In the end, this is a very good raunchy comedy, with some hilarious bits, but I think it doesn’t rise to the level of Knocked Up and Juno but definitely worth checking out if your in the mood for a movie like this.