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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Episode 106

Posted: November 12, 2008 at 9:56 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Downfall of a Droid is part one of an arc surrounding R2-D2 and a bit of peril he is put into, and is yet another solid entry into the series.
The episode opens on a small fleet of three republic cruisers that are entrenched behind the rings of the planet Bothawui awaiting another assault by General Grievous. Anakin devises a plan to spring on the Grievous’ charging fleet and hopefully find victory against a far greater force heading there way. The strategy goes to plan, but Anakin’s starfighter is damaged in the battle and he has to be rescued by Captain Rex among the asteroid ring.
Upon awaking in the medical bay aboard the Resolute, Anakin immediately asks for R2, who has been reported, lost in battle. Unwilling to believe it, Anakin begs for permission to search for him, and eventually finds a pivotal reason to find him, R2’s memory is never wiped and he poses a large amount of confidential material to the Republic. With a need to find R2 now vital to the republic, Anakin sets off with Ahsoka and his replacement astromech droid R3-S6, who is a bit green, to try and find good old R2.
This episode of the Clone Wars is one of the most layered story wise yet in the series, as there is a solid three acts here in twenty plus minutes while also setting us up perfectly and wanting to what happens in the continuation of the story next week. This is the best storytelling yet in the series and a great way of showcasing the great R2-D2 in a plot that seems plausible and is not a leap of faith for the viewer. There is also a good variety of action and suspense in the episode with a nice mix of lightsaber action and space combat to keep things varied as well.
In the end, The Clone Wars is still yet to throw up a stinker on the screen, and it looks like we might not ever see one at this pace. The show continues to engage me and leave me wanting more, while adding some great background and layers to some of the characters in the Star Wars universe. If you still haven’t got hooked yet or are still weary from your feelings about movie version, it’s time to give in and get on board with this awesome series!