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Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Episode 103

Posted: October 14, 2008 at 9:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Episode 103, Shadow of the Malevolence, is part II of the Malevolence arc of the Clone Wars series and it is builds greatly upon a solid opening.
Anakin, having just rescued Master Plo Koon from the Malevolence’s clutches, has built an offensive task force to pull a surprise attack on the Malevolence, hoping to take out both the ship and General Grievous in one fell swoop. The first act builds emphasis on a few of Anakin’s Clone Troopers and their willingness to fight for their commander and the will that Anakin brings to his men; even in this potentially fatal assault they are about to endure. The Republic discovers that Grievous plans to attack a Clone Medical Station outside the Naboo system and Anakin must lead his squadron through a nebula shortcut called the Balmorra Run. Unknown to Anakin, the Run is full of giant nebula eating creatures called neebray’s that make the trip far more perilous. They break through the clouds, squadron intact, and begin their assault on the Malevolence just as the Medical Station fall in its sights.
The action is fast and exciting in this episode and is probably the biggest action set piece yet of the series. The race to the medical bay is executed very well with the cutting between both the good and bad parties as they both try to get to their destinations the fastest. This episode also cements my faith that the clones will be great characters throughout the series as well, and I can’t wait till they get their own episode arc sooner or later in the series, without Jedi. The episode moves along non-stop and keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
Ahsoka proves to be a bit less annoying in each episode she appears, and Plo Koon is a bad ass that I can’t wait to see go nuts with a lightsaber. The series so far is also making the fall of Anakin even more tragic, he was so great at his role as a Jedi and General; it makes it so much harder to see him fall as he was such a vital piece to the Republic.
In the end, this makes The Clone Wars 2 for 3 with home run episodes and is building a very promises base for this series that is looking to become a great new piece to the Star Wars Universe.