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Review: BEYOND VAN GOGH at Saint Louis Galleria

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Although he did not achieve great success during his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh’s popularity became unparalleled in the decades after his death.  Since his death in relative poverty in 1890, his works are now worth millions and featured in museums, private collections, and exhibitions around the world and Immortalized in popular culture through prints, posters, books, and films.

Now one of the most famous figures in Western Art, his turbulent life on and off the canvas continues to intrigue and inspire millions around the world. Unfortunately, despite his global presence, many are unable to travel the globe to see the Dutch artist’s masterpieces in person.

Fortunately, Beyond Van Gogh provides an opportunity to discover his work in greater clarity. Ideal for both art lovers and those curious about his paintings, the exhibition provides a multisensory experience into the mind of the prolific, yet flawed, genius.

Upon entry, viewers are treated to a gallery featuring an overview of Vincent’s life. Using correspondences with his brother Theo as a guide, viewers gain key insight into his creative process, mental state, and interaction with the world around him.

After exploring this concise introduction, visitors move on to the main gallery. Featuring a collection of Van Gogh’s greatest paintings presented in an imaginative and immersive presentation that uses digital technology to bring his paintings to life.

Accompanied by a symphonic score specifically created for the exhibition, Van Gogh’s artwork covers every inch of space, including walls, floors, and columns. Using physical space as a canvas, the audiovisual designers of Beyond Van Gogh have created a dazzling journey into Van Gogh’s dreams, thoughts, and words. As a result, the artist’s work has been renewed and reinterpreted, allowing a new generation to engage emotionally with the Dutch painter.

Majestic, breathtaking, and vibrant, Beyond Van Gogh stimulates, educates, and entertains without tarnishing Van Gogh’s legacy as an iconic figure in art history. Landscapes, still-life paintings, portraits, and masterpieces like Starry Night, Café Terrace at Night, The Church at Auvers, and Cypresses are projected onto surfaces with swirling lights and bold colors, creating an immersive experience not found in a museum.

Looking to foster the arts in local communities, Beyond Van Gogh partnered with the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society to offer a $5,000 grant for any St. Louis area high school arts, music, theater, or dance department that needs help with financing a project. Applications for the grant are due by December 3, 2021. For more information, visit

A stunning exhibition that lives and breathes before your very eyes, Beyond Van Gogh is a captivating experience that uses modern media to capture the very essence of the artist whose work remains continues to resonate in a contemporary context.

Beyond Van Gogh has been extended through January 30, 2022. For tickets and information visit

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