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Across the Universe

Posted: October 12, 2007 at 12:24 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Trippy would be one way to describe this movie, and unfortunately it is not a good trip. That’s not to say the movie is horrible by any means, its just nowhere near being great, maybe, just barely good, the production values of the film probably at least grant it good status.
The movie is crazy to look at and visual stunning most of the time, don’t let the early and awkward crashing waves fool you otherwise, but that alone doesn’t make a movie.
The songs, all Beatles classics, are good for the most part as well, with a couple of odd choices along the way, and the singing is adequate most of the time, so what holds this movie back?
First, the actors. They are just not able to perform at the level this movie wants to be. No one is horrible, but know one is that great either, Lucy’s brother, Max, played by Joe Anderson doing a Jude Law impression, is the most likable and interesting character but sadly he disappears for most of the last third of the movie, to Vietnam, and we are left following the standard and predictable story of Jude and Lucy; like in the songs you know, how clever!
The story here is the biggest problem, about half way through it stops making sense, doesn’t even try too, people just are singing with loose parallels between the songs and the story and it is really hard to stay interested; save the Revolution number.
Any who, if you like the Beatles you will find enjoyment at all of the little references, if you like musicals you might like it because they are singing, but creativity can’t save this film which lacks a well rounded presentation with everything firing on all cylinders, so if are looking for greatness, or even good entertainment, you might best be suited seeing something else this weekend.