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Release Date Shuffle: X-Men, Planet of the Apes, Robopocalypse, Lone Ranger and Thor 2

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We already saw a big shift in the last two weeks when Paramount announced a month before release that “GI Joe: Retaliation” would be postponed nine months until March 2013.  Check out Blake’s thoughts here.  I think that is a special exception though, due to these films being so far from their intended release dates that it is normal.  And some of these are not even being shifted, just announced when they will be hitting screens.  Regardless of when these come out, I am excited about them all.

“X-Men: First Class” was one of the most rushed productions for a comic property in recent memory.  And it astoundingly was fantastic.  20th Century Fox is not looking to press their luck.  They have already delayed production due to star Jennifer Lawrence’s duties for “The Hunger Games” sequel, and they are not looking to rush once they begin.  Today, it was announced that the sequel to the hit will be released June 18, 2014.  Matthew Vaughn is set to return to the director’s chair as well as Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy as Magneto and Professor X.

As much as “X-Men: First Class” surprised critics, I think “Rise of the Planets of the Apes” left most dumbfounded.  The film was one of my favorites last summer, and I am very excited about where the franchise will be taken next.  We now know “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” will hit theaters May 23, 2014.  Scott Z. Burns, writer of “Contagion”, will be working on the screenplay with Andy Serkis returning to play Ceasar.  I don’t think they will be able to surprise critics and audiences again, but hopefully they don’t disappoint.

Steven Spielberg always has a full plate.  He is currently in post-production on “Lincoln” starring Daniel Day Lewis.  His next project is the eagerly anticipated “Robopocalypse”, an adaptation of the best selling novel of the same name.  Maybe Spielberg felt he wouldn’t be able to properly get it done with the intended release date of July 4, 2013 because the studio has announced that the film will now hit theaters April 25, 2014.  I am eagerly anticipating Speilberg’s latest trip to the future.  I would rather see him take his time and do it right.

While some films get pushed back, other films get pushed up (though only a week).  “Thor 2” will now be released November 8, 2013.  Though no reason was released, I am willing to bet the studio wants to separate themselves a little more from “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” which gets released November 22.  Well played Marvel/Disney.

And last (and perhaps least) “The Lone Ranger” is getting pushed back once again.  The film is being shifted from May 31, 2013 to July 3, 2013.  I assume the studio wanted to jump on the recently vacated spot after “Robopocalypse” moved.  Not a terrible idea.  I like Gore Verbinski directed.  I like Armie Hammer.  I used to love Johnny Depp, but after “Dark Shadows”, “The Tourist”, and “Alice in Wonderland” his starring in a film doesn’t get me pumped like it used to.  Maybe this will be different.  Maybe.

Which one of these films do you most want to see? Let us know in the comments below.