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Movie Review: ‘Still’, Starring Michael J. Fox

Posted: May 12, 2023 at 7:21 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Michael J. Fox may not have a flux capacitor, but with director Davis Guggenheim, director of “An Inconvienent Truth,” Fox takes movie viewers on a trip back in time, showcasing his career in film and television, along with giving the public a heartbreaking glance into the destruction that Parkinson’s disease has caused to his body.

Up until the documentary, fans have only seen Fox mostly seated, at times moving uncontrollably. In the new film, we get an unrelenting look at the pain Fox endures on a daily basis. We see him trying to walk down the sidewalks of New York City, falling down and needing help getting up. That is just the first five minutes of the film.

Fox zips through his stellar career, talking about his life as a kid, his struggle to make it on his own in Hollywood, overcoming doubts by the Family Ties show creator that he was the right person to play Alex P. Keaton, and his struggle with stardom. ‘Still’ is one of the best and most honest documentaries you will see. It not only highlights one of America’s favorite stars, but shows the bravery that Fox and his family have in battling a disease that has no cure.

At times Fox nonchalantly laughs off breaking bones after falling in his home, like it’s just another day. And, it is, as Parkinson’s has become an all too real reality for the Emmy-winning actor.

What makes ‘Still’ so interesting is not the re-enactments and archived footage that we can find by a simple google search, but rather the way Guggenheim uses Fox’s own movies to mesh with his own words. We also see Fox struggling to just record his spoken-words to his autobiography.

‘Still’ also gives us a look into Fox’s admitted battle with alcohol and his non-stop work rate in the 80s and 90s that nearly cost him his marriage. The actor admits that he was on the road filming a lot when his kids were young, which led to him going back to a sitcom series (Spin City) so he could be home more with his family. The actor has also been alcohol-free for 30 years.

While the documentary thrives by showing Fox always moving in his Back to the Future films, The Hard Way, Secret of My Success and even going head to head with actor Sean Penn in Casualties of War, it is heartbreaking to see him struggle to talk to the camera, as he is in pain during the film.

Fox’s wife Tracy Pollan and his children, now grown are all featured in the film. Fox talks about his relationship with Pollan, how they met and fell in love. The two were married in 1988 and have been together ever since. They now are activists for raising money and awareness of Parkinson’s. The family seems to have a tight bond and it’s clear while they know what is happening to Fox, they are trying to relish every minute together that they can.

For me, Fox was one of my favorite actors growing up. From Teen Wolf to the Future Trilogy and beyond, Fox was just one of those actors who was always smiling and joking around. While as heartbreaking to watch as it was for me, it was also motivating to see that Fox still hasn’t lost his sense of humor and love for life. Despite enduring falls, countless hours of therapy, broken bones, and the knowledge that Parkinson’s will eventually cause his demise, the actor has kept his sense of humor and brave face. In the end, ‘Still’ is less about Fox having Parkinson’s and more about the unrelenting fight of the human spirit.

‘Still’ is available on Apple TV+ and gets an A-.