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Lost: The Final Season – “The Candidate” Recap

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Lost Final Season 0614 The Candidate ReviewSpoilers!!!!

Lost is back from its hiatus and as am I, didn’t get to write up The Last Recruit two weeks ago, last week’s episode got everyone together and by the end of this episode we lose 4 cast members, 4!

FLocke, Sayid, and Jack make it to Hydra Island and quickly breakout the rebel castaways as they are on their way to the plane.  The plane is rigged with C4 and FLocke decides to get the group on the sub as their way out and that is where all hell breaks loose.

But first a quick recap of Sideways world.  After Locke is run over by Desmond last week he awakens to Dr. Sheppard letting him know that he is going to be OK and that after taking a look at his injury while in surgery, Jack is very confident that he can heal Locke’s disability.  Locke refuses and Jack begins digging into his past to find out how the injury happened.  Upon his investigation he runs into Brenard, Locke’s dentist, and finds out he was on 815, Claire comes to the hospital and they put the Flight 815 connection together, and Jack is beginning to wonder what it all means.  Locke finally confesses the story of his injury, plane crash in which Locke was the pilot and his no vegetated father was the passenger, and Jack tries to get Locke to let go as a step in his own rehabilitation.  Locke shows a twinge of Island recognition in his sleep and as Jack makes one last plea to get Locke to trust him.

Back on the sub Flocke’s plan comes to fruitition and it turns out that the whole good guy game was actually a ruse and that he was trying to get the castaway gang in one place so he could let them blow up as Jack correctly surmises that Flocke can’t kill the Candidates.  Jack’s attempts to talk down Sawyer from diffusing Flocke’s bomb through his they can’t die reasoning by Locke’s hand and the bomb begins rapidly counting down.  Sayid goes to the wayside as he sacrifices himself to get the bomb to the end of the sub which blows a hole in the side.  Lepidus gets hit by a window and is knocked unconcious while Sun gets trapped on the wall.  Hurley and a shot Kate get out first, followed by Jack and a knocked out Sawyer, but Jin stays behind to try and set Sun free sacraficing himself to go down with his wife never to leave her again.  Three characters seen dead, Lepidus is assumed down with the ship, and Flocke (w/Claire) senses that not all of the Candidates are dead and heads out to finish the job as the survivors mourn their lost sub mates after they wash up on the beach.

-well, Wow, it was almost to unbelivable to beleive that they killed off 4 characters in almost the same matter of minutes.  The Sun and Jin moments were poignant but I think the fact they have been apart for so long has lessened the impact a bit; I feel the same way about their reuinon.

-The survivors mourning their loses actually got to me more than Jin and Sun’s final? moment

-Before Sayid ran off with the bomb he made sure to tell Jack about Desmond, that is where the survivors will be heading me thinks.  Also Sayid’s death was almost so sudden and fast to be effected as well.

-And with all of these people dying, are the really dead?  I don’t know if I can fully embrace their passings until I know they aren’t going to end up some where in a better place in the end.

-Flocke even had me still flip flopping on his allegiance this episode and his actions with Desmond a few weeks ago have much more meaning now as Desmond must pose a serious threat to Flocke.

-Still have no idea what is up with Widmore

-Where are Miles, Ben!, and Alpert, hopefully no more episodes missing any characters from here on out.

-The sideways world is still a mystery and the fact that everyone is going to end up in this world got a big boost tonight, right?

-Next week seems to be more MIB and Jacob flashbacks and maybe some of the final pieces of the island puzzle before the end game is played out for the finale.

-Only Four and a Half hours left of Lost.  That’s right, Lost has added another half hour to the finale making for a two and a half hour finale.  Remember next two Tuesdays then the finale is on Sunday May 23rd.
Till next time.