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Listen to Free Music Online – Over 8 Million Songs

December 3, 2009 /  by  

lala-free-music-onlineI have to say that my first impression of is a pretty good one! After using many sites online to listen to music for free, like and Pandora, seems to be easier to use and more personalized. Pandora started out with a great concept – you could choose an artist, create a channel, and listen to similar music. Pretty cool, but you couldn’t simply type the name of a song you wanted to listen to and get it. Enter – where you could search virtually any artist or song title, and pull up some variation. The problem is that the selection can be hit or miss, as some are videos that are being pulled of YouTube daily, and some are low quality or fan made.

So I discovered, which is a very well designed site and extremely easy to use. You either sign up for a free account, or link your Facebook to the site. Then you can browse popular music and listen to FULL songs for free. Then you even get a discount on the .mp3 download or album if you decide to purchase. I would highly recommend you check out the site below, or visit