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Kevin Smith Reviews ‘Man of Steel’ With Ralph Garman on ‘Fat Man on Batman’ (#40)

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Superman in Handcuffs Man of Steel Poster Henry CavillFAT MAN ON BATMAN #040: MAN OF STEEL SUPER SPECIAL: FAT MAN AND GAR-MAN ON SUPERMAN

Check out Kevin’s theory on how Superman shaves at

It is no secret that Kevin Smith is a huge comic book fan. He owns Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey, has written several comic books, and does a weekly podcast on Batman – “Fat Man on Batman.”

Sometimes when there is a big enough comic book movie or event, Smith will divert from the caped crusader for a special podcast episode. This week, Smith and “Hollywood Babble-On” co-host Ralph Garman tackle Superman in Man of Steel:

Jun 16, 2013 – In the Fat Cave this week, we check in on the other half of the World’s Finest fighting duo, and discuss Batman’s partner in crime-fighting – the Big Blue Boy Scout from Metropolis, Superman! As the Last Son of Krypton dominates the box office in MAN OF STEEL, we celebrate the return of the Big S with a podcast nearly as long as the movie itself! With Special Guest Villain Ralph Garman!

Click here to listen to Fat Man on Batman #40.