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Katherine Heigl Done With ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy?

Posted: March 12, 2010 at 2:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

I really like being proved right. I’ve been saying for a couple years now that Katherine Heigl has a typical diva attitude, as exhibited by interviews given over the past few years. Now she does another thing that just adds another point to the column.

Heigl was slated to return to the set of Grey’s Anatomy on March 1st to film her final scenes on the show, and wrap up her character’s arc. It is now March 12th, and she has yet to come to the set of the show, and now creator Shonda Rhimes is ready to move on, and let the both Heigl and her character Izzy go.  Currently the actress is without a publicist, and ABC Studios is declining to comment.

So, let’s take a look at some past history of Heigl’s:

  • In a highly publicized Vanity Fair interview, she stated that the film that brought her fame was a bit “sexist”. Many people accused Heigl of biting the hand that feeds.  It a bit of an ironic twist, she ended up starring in the 2009 release The Ugly Truth, which WAS sexist.
  • She told the press in 2008 that she was not entering the race for an Emmy, because she felt the writing of her character did not warrant one.
  • Last summer she explained to David Letterman that the working conditions on Grey’s Anatomy were cruel, and they had her working 17 hour days. She complained in hopes they would be ashamed and fix it. What she did not mention was the fact they were on 17 hour days to compensate for her schedule. She also spent much of these days in her trailer in between scenes. Such a hard life she lives….
  • Heigl has a history of diva activity, as reports from the set of Five Killers and 27 Dresses has many staff complaints about her attitude.

I may be coming off a bit harsh, but I hate the diva attitudes of certain people in Hollywood. Heigl hasn’t even done anything to warrant it. She has been on a hit prime time soap opera and a few romantic comedies. She didn’t invent the wheel or cure cancer. I hate this woe is me stuff she peddles. 17 hour days on a TV set to make millions? Cry me a freaking river.  Do you know how many people work long days with no breaks and make what she does in a minute? Too many.

If she wants to save face with the public, she will own up to her mistakes, and stop being such an imbecile.