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Just Wright

Posted: May 14, 2010 at 2:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Just Wright Movie Poster Queen Latifah and CommonWhenever I need to enjoy a good fairy tale, I always know going to see any Queen Latifah movie will cure that fix. Her movies always have that sweetness gets the man in the end kind of feel, and you always end up rooting for whatever character she plays.

In this film, Latifah plays Leslie Wright, a successful physical therapist who gets the dream job of helping one of her favorite basketball players rehab a damaged knee to get back into the playoffs. Only complication? She finds herself falling for this guy…oh, and did I mention her best friend starts dating him after Latifah sets them up accidentally? Of course, the hot basketball player is none other than rap star Common, who has really made the transition from singer to heart-throb movie star. The stars even get a little of their musical talent into the flick! Not surprising that Latifah was also a producer on this feel good movie. And the all star cast including both Pam Grier and Phylicia Rashad as the moms in the movie gave it a nice warm fuzzy.

Everything ends well for everyone, which is a Queen Latifah trait…and it works for her. She always does a great job of championing the “be happy with who you are” character, and never sacrifices that good girl image…although I would love to see her as the bad-ass just once!

This is a cute date night movie…enjoy!