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Is The Hobbit Going To Be 3D?

Posted: March 1, 2010 at 11:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

3D is the hottest thing since Lady Gaga in Hollywood. The format has slowly been picking up steam over the past few years, and with the release of Avatar, and it’s record setting grosses it seems everything needs to be 3D. Over the last year many people have been wondering if The Hobbit will be shot in 3D, and Guillermo Del Toro went on TheOneRing.net to discuss that last year:

As a co-writer and director of this film (who works with the design teams, costume teams, creature teams, VFX teams every day of the week), let me be very clear one more time: we are not talking about 3D, we are NOT writing the screenplay for 3D right now- we are hiring my DoP Guillermo Navarro to shoot the film and we are not discussing 3D with him either or with WETA digital or WB or anyone else. That should be a little less sidestepping, I hope. If after AVATAR the market may change and demands are put upon us, etc that is in the future. But if such things happen and we start discussing 3D down the line, I’ll let it be know here at TORN because that’s the proper way of doing things. But make no mistake- I’ve been living in NZ for almost a year now and we have not been discussing 3D. When we do, I’ll make sure your source finds out. Thank You, Guillermo.

Guillermo has kept his promise and has kept the community updated:

I wouldn’t read much on it just yet, but now, after all this time, after AVATAR doing the Box Office it did, we have had [enquiries] from above about The Hobbit being in 3-D.

No impositions or heavy leaning. Just [enquiries]. Just fulfilling my promise to let you all know if discussions ever started.


I’m not going to make any large guesses, but I’d be surprised if WB wouldn’t want a huge film like The Hobbit in 3D. Although, it is such a huge franchise, that they don’t need 3D to sell tickets, but that extra couple dollars per ticket would really help its gross. Shooting is still a while off, and they have plenty of time to change some stuff in pre-production to fit the bill if 3D is needed.

What do you think? Should The Hobbit be in 3D?