Music Interview: Katie Herzig

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After a 4-year break, Katie Herzig is getting back on the road. The singer is touring in support of her album Moment of Bliss, which was released back in March.

“It’s been a good 4 years since I toured so this is a little bit of a surreal feeling,” Herzig said. “I find I usually start or end a tour in St. Louis because of its location to Nashville.”

Tonight’s show at The Old Rock House will be Herzig’s first on her 17-date tour. Herzig has also played The Duck Room in the past.

Along with her album that was released in March, Herzig just released a 6-song EP titled Delicate.

“I was really hungry to just record something before the tour and get it out there quickly,” Herzig said. “This is something where I’ve tried to reconnect with deeper places. That’s what I was going for.”

If some of Herzig’s music sounds familar, that is because she has had a number of songs featured in television shows, commercials and film. Grey’s Anatomy was a show that featured a few of Herzig’s songs.

”It was pretty wild,” she said. “One of the first one’s that felt significant was having a song on Grey’s Anatomy. At the time, I watched the show so I was a fan. It was a really fun and cool experience.”

Touring can be a grueling experience for musicians and Herzig said that she is trying to get reacclimated to being on the road after a 4 year break.

”I am learning that right now,” she said.” “The last tour I did had about 35 dates and this one has 17 dates. I keep whittling it town so that it’s more concentrated. It really can wear you down.”

Herzig, who lives in Nashville, says her music isn’t necessarily influenced by Country music, which Nashville is known for.

“It’s been growing a lot in terms of the pop music scene,” she said. “The co-writing collaborative aspect has been the most influential part. I’m sure if I didn’t live in Nashville my music wouldn’t sound the same. Country music has never been a natural go-to for me.”

Tickets are still available for tonight’s show at The Old Rock House. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. William Wild will open the show. Tickets can be purchased through or at The Old Rock House.