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FOX’s “American Idol” Top 3 Performances

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American Idol Recap 5/18/11

The Performances

This week the Final Three performed three songs. One of their choice, One picked by Jimmy Iovine, and one picked by the judges.

Set List

First Song(Contestants Choice)

Scotty McCreery “Amazed”- Wow Scotty chose a Country song…Shock of the century! I don’t like his voice all that much because I feel it’s very generic, but this song wasn’t that bad for me. He seemed to hit all the notes with a passion.

Lauren Alaina “Wild One”- Another generic Country song. I did really like this performance and felt it was a good way for her to start her night.

Haley Reinhart “What Is And What Should Never Been”- Blew me the hell away with the Zeppelin song…That’s right she did a Zeppelin song. I loved everything about the performance and the girl even fell and got back up and continued with the song…amazing.

Second Song(Iovine Choice)

Scotty McCreery “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not”- Thank You Jimmy for not making Scotty go out of his comfort zone to perform a song that’s not Country! The performance was pretty good though.

Lauren Alaina “If I Die Young”- Beautiful performance. Actually one of my favorite performances by Lauren this entire season.

Haley Reinhart “Rhiannon”- I felt she really did this song justice with her performance because this was not an easy song that was originally done by Fleetwood Mac.

Third Song(Judges Choice)

Scotty McCreery “She Believes In Me”- Thought it was a pretty good performance. Though I didn’t get anything special out of it.

Lauren Alaina “I Hope You Dance”- I’ll admit that this was probably my favorite performances that she has done this season. I think I may have liked it better than the original.

Haley Reinhart “You Oughta Know”- She continues to amaze me and this Alanis Morrisette song was spot on from the start to the finish.

Grades (First / Second / Third / Overall)

Scotty McCreery- B- / C+ / B- / B-

Lauren Alaina- C+ / B- / A / B

Haley Reinhart- A+ / A- / A / A

My instant reaction is to say that Lauren is probably going home, but I think she performed very well tonight and that may save her. Haley absolutely blew me away once again but America tends to not like her all that much, even though the last couple of weeks she hasn’t been in the Bottom Three. Scotty just didn’t live up to the expectations that I always have set for him, which are not very high to begin with. I’m still blown away that James is out of the competition and Scotty is still around.

My hope is that the “Country” vote gets split between Lauren and Scotty. Which means Haley, who I think is the best performer of the bunch, stays because of that. I still want my all female finale but it is going to take a lot for that to actually happen. I haven’t been a Scotty fan for, well forever, and I don’t want to see him make the finale because I really don’t want to see him have the opportunity to win this season….I know, I know, it’s easy to pick on someone from my keyboard but that’s all I got and I hope America agrees with me in that and votes this guy out tomorrow.

With that being said here’s who I think is going home. I think that there is a good possibility that Lauren Alaina will be going home because although her performances were some of her best of the season I don’t think that she’s going to get enough support to overcome all the votes that Scotty will be getting from the “Country” people. I think that Haley is a lock because I’m thinking the “Country” vote got split between the other two and she got in basically by default. Which is alright with me being that she’s my odds on favorite to win the whole thing! So, tomorrow I think Lauren is going home, setting up for what I think will be a pretty good finale with Scotty and Haley going head to head to become the winner of American Idol Season 10.