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Fate’s Of Your Favorite Shows? EW’s Michael Ausiello’s Renewal Scorecard

February 15, 2010 /  by  

In the world of TV gossip there is one big name, and it is EW’s Michael Ausiello. He produces nice little tidbits of information every day, and then also releases a Q&A every week called “Ask Ausiello”. Well, today he put up something nice that I thought you guys might be interested in.  It is a list of all the shows on network TV right now, and what their status is. Let’s take a look, and I’ll chime in if I think differently.

The Bachelor: A sure thing.
Better Off Ted: A long shot.
Brothers & Sisters: A sure thing.
Castle: A sure thing. (B: One of the lower rated shows that will probably be renewed)
Cougar Town: Already renewed.
Dancing with the Stars: A sure thing.
The Deep End: A long shot.
Desperate Housewives: A sure thing.
FlashForward: Could go either way. (Just barely on the edge. I’m thinking canceled)
The Forgotten: A long shot.
Grey’s Anatomy: A sure thing.
Hank: Already canceled.
Lost: Series finale airs May 23.
The Middle: Already renewed
Modern Family: Already renewed
Private Practice: A sure thing.
Scrubs: A long shot.
Ugly Betty: Already canceled. Series finale airs April 14.
V: Could go either way. (Has faltering ratings, but good enough to keep despite high budget.)

Accidentally on Purpose: Could go either way.
The Amazing Race: Already renewed.
The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.
Cold Case: A long shot. (Not a chance)
Criminal Minds: A sure thing.
CSI: A sure thing.
CSI: Miami: A sure thing.
CSI: NY: A safe bet.
Gary Unmarried: A safe bet.
Ghost Whisperer: A safe bet.
The Good Wife: Already renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Already renewed
Medium: Could go either way (Has real low ratings, but could keep around to bump up syndication price)
The Mentalist: A sure thing.
NCIS: A sure thing
NCIS: Los Angeles: Already renewed.
New Adventures of Old Christine: Could go either way. (I’m thinking this one is done for)
Numb3rs: A long shot. (Stick a fork in it, it’s done)
Rules of Engagement: Could go either way.
Survivor: Already renewed.
Three Rivers: Already canceled.
Two and a Half Men: Already renewed.

24: Could go either way. (Ratings are way down for the once hit show)
Brothers: A long shot. (No way this gets renewed)
American Dad: Already renewed.
American Idol: A sure thing.
Bones: Already renewed.
The Cleveland Show: Already renewed.
Dollhouse: Already canceled.
Family Guy: A sure thing.
Fringe: A safe bet. (I hope so, but I’m not too convinced)
Glee: Already renewed.
House: A sure thing.
Human Target: Could go either way. (I’m betting there is a season 2)
Lie to Me: A safe bet.
Past Life: A long shot.
The Simpsons: A sure thing.
Til Death: Could go either way. (Should have been canceled a long time ago)

30 Rock: A sure thing.
The Biggest Loser: A sure thing.
Celebrity Apprentice: A safe bet.
Chuck: A safe bet. (Chuck sits on the bubble, but on the struggling network it is a safe bet)
Community: A sure thing.
Friday Night Lights: Already renewed for fifth and final season.
Heroes: Could go either way.
Law & Order: Already renewed.
Law & Order: CI: Could go either way.
Law & Order: SVU: A sure thing.
Mercy: Could go either way.
The Office: A sure thing.
Parks and Recreation: Already renewed
Trauma: A long shot. (Too expensive to maintain with current ratings.)

90210: A sure thing.
America’s Next Top Model: A sure thing.
Gossip Girl: A sure thing.
Life Unexpected: Could go either way. (It’s ratings have been decent so far, expect a renewal)
Melrose Place: A long shot.
One Tree Hill: Could go either way.
Smallville: A sure thing.
Supernatural: A sure thing. (The show was slated to finish its final arc at the end of this season, but ratings could keep it going)
The Vampire Diaries: A sure thing.

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