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Clint Eastwood Wants Leonardo DiCaprio to Star Opposite Beyonce in ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

Posted: June 27, 2011 at 10:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

In 2003, I was just starting to really get into films.  Appreciating acting more.  Taking notice to particular camera shots.  Really listening to the music.  And MYSTIC RIVER blew me away.  The film just really hit me hard.  Now, eight years later, Clint Eastwood hasn’t directed a bad movie since, in my eyes, so I get pretty excited for any new project he is working on.  But I must admit, hearing that he was getting set to work with Beyonce in a remake of A STAR IS BORN had me worried.

Now to make things more intriguing, Eastwood is rumored to be wrangling in Leonardo DiCaprio to star opposite as the falling star who mentors the up and comer.  Beyonce has done nothing for me.  Most people know the story of how DREAMGIRLS was supposed to be her star making film, and then Jennifer Hudson came in to steal the show.  Since then she has starred in CADILLAC RECORDS and OBSESSED (who saw those again?) so she hasn’t exactly had the career trajectory that I am sure she was hoping for.  Maybe Mr. Eastwood can bring out the best she has to offer.

Until I hear an official release I am going to consider this a rumor.  Only because it is so easy to make the connection that Eastwood wants DiCaprio for the role after the two just got finished filming J. EDGAR.  It just seems like a strange role for Leo.  But then again it seems strange that Eastwood will be directing a film starring Beyonce.