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C2E2 – A Weekend Review of Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2013

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I am sitting on a train heading home from Chicago, and I thought I would take the opportunity to give you my thoughts and news coming out of C2E2 2013.  What a great convention.

C2E2_Vertical_New_0Where most cons nowadays have changed their focus to include both comics and other comic related things (movies, games, and other “geek” related ventures), C2E2 continues to focus on the comic culture.  Sure there are panels with special guests, but almost all of them are comic culture related (with the exception of Jason David Frank and some random Dr. Who folks).  C2E2 is a con for comic fans and the medium we love so much.  Whether you’re a Marvel fan, a DC fan, an Image fan, or just a fan of the culture itself, you will find something you can sink your teeth into at the show. If you’re looking for some back issues to fill out your collection, there are rows upon rows of vendors who are more than willing to help you find what you’re looking for. Maybe you’d like to get some of your comics signed by your favorite creators.  C2E2 has got you covered.  The show has one of the largest “Artist Alleys” on the convention circuit. C2E2 is quickly becoming “the” con to attend in the Chicago area (eclipsing the mighty Wizard World Chicago).  Before I get into my thoughts on the show, lets get to the news that came out if the show itself.

I’m going to run down the news with quick bullet points and in no particular order.

  • With the cancellation of DC’s All Ages Superman Family Adventures, creative team Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani are taking their lovable style over to Dark Horse with Itty Bitty Hellboy – an All Ages book featuring the cast of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series.
  • Charles Soule (DC’s newest writer on Swamp Thingwill be taking over the writing duties for Marvel’s Thunderbolts starting with issue 14.
  • Miguel O’Hara, or Spider-Man 2099, will be making his return.  He won’t be getting his own series, but the character will be a major player in Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman’s Superior Spider-Man starting with issue 17.
  • Artist Ron Garney will be joining Jason Aaron on Thor: God of Thunder. The title of their arc is “The Accursed”, and it will see the return of Malekith (the long incarcerated Lord of the Dark Elves).  This is coming on the heels of the theatrical release of Thor: The Dark World where Malekith is the main villain.  The new creative team debuts with issue 13, and Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8th, 2013.
  • Marvel has decided to end the almost two decade run of Peter David’s X-Factor. David’s run began in 1991 with issue 70 and has continued since. The cancelation may be coming on the heels of David’s most recent health scare.
  • Paul Cornell and Alan Davis make Wolverine “Killable”.  The story begins in Wolverine #7.
  • Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire take over art duties on Deadpool beginning with issue 13.  The new arc will be called “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.  It will feature Captain America (The Good), Wolverine (The Bad), and Deadpool (The Ugly).
  • Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron, and Brian Wood kick off the X-Men’s 50th anniversary with X-Men: Battle of the Atom. The story centers around a future team of X-Men coming to the present to send the group of original X-Men back to their own time period. The team of present day X-Men are stuck in the middle.  Battle of the Atom begins in September.
  • DC debuted the first image from the upcoming Trinity War which will bring all three Justice League teams together (Justice League, Justice League: Dark, and Justice League of America) to fight The Trinity (The Phantom Stranger, The Question, and Pandora).
  • Marvel unveiled the teaser of Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung’s Infinity.  Nothing has been said about the new event other than it will involve Thanos.
  • Neil Gaiman will be co-writing Guardians of the Galaxy with Brian Bendis starting with issue 5.  We will also see the Gaiman created Angela making her Marvel debut in the Age of Ultron series.
  • There will be an Age of Ultron tie in with Cullen Bunn’s Fearless Defenders. The issue will feature the Wonder Woman inspired Warrior Woman.  The issue will feature art from mega star and former Wonder Woman artist Phil Jimmenez
  • Last but not least, 100 Bullets will make its return and will center around Brother Lono.


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