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AMC’s “The Killing” Season 1 Episode 10 “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” Review

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The latest episode “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” is another plot building episode and they get into Belko Royce’s role with the Larsen family and his exact where about’s on the night of the murder.

Stan Larsen ends up turning himself in to the police for the actions he committed last week against Bennett Amed, who now lays on life support in a Seattle hospital. At Stan’s hearing, Detective Linden receives a phone call from the station claiming that they have the taxi driver who dropped Rosie off at her last location and it is learned that he dropped her off at home. Upon inspection of the surveillance camera from the taxi, it is learned that when being dropped off at the house there was a porch light in the background, at their house, that turned off upon her arrival, when the family was supposedly out of town. The detectives pursue to talk to Mitch Larsen about who has access to the household and they run into Terry, Mitch’s sister, and Belko and Linden ask Terry about who has a key to the house and it is learned that Belko holds a key, along with Terry.

Now this episode did focus heavily on Belko Royce and by the end of the episode it becomes very clear that Belko could be a suspect, but it’s highly unlikely. We learn that 1) Belko lives with his single mother, 2) he has pictures of the family members, including Rosie, on the ceiling above his bed at home, 3) he was at the house when she arrived on the night of the killing, but claims he was hiding because he’s not supposed to be there when the family isn’t. He instantly becomes a prime suspect until Belko reveals he overheard the name of Adela when Rosie was on the phone and rumbling through her drawers. The name Adela is important because last week the detectives found a napkin in their evidence with the phrase “Adela Friday 1145”. Detective Linden believes Belko, but Holder is still skeptical. Next, you see Linden out jogging around a boat dock and she sees the name Adela on a docking sign and decides to board the ship and see where it takes her. Her voyage takes her to a sign for the “Wapi Eagle Casino” and that is where the episode ends. Funny thing about the sign is the logo for the sign is exactly the same a one found on Rosie’s key chain.

Getting into the Richmond campaign now, Councilman Richmond was thrilled of the news that Bennett is no longer a suspect because that now helps his cause to win the Mayorship of Seattle. One bad thing that occurred was that a video surfaced of Darren Richmond shaking hands with Rosie Larsen at one of his press events. Now this is bad because if you remember, Rosie’s body turned up in a vehicle owned and operated by the Richmond campaign. One good thing about this is that it was in the hands of one of their own personal videographers and there is a slight chance that it won’t get out, that is if the videographer didn’t make copies of the video.

I actually really liked this episode because it gave me a lot more information as to who exactly Belko is. I was truly starting to wonder why he was even there and what the heck he actually does, other than work for Stan. So, this was a fantastic episode for his character development. Now the other fifteen to twenty minutes or so was again laying focus on Linden’s fiancé and her son mishaps, along with Mitch Larsen dealing with her husband’s arrest and the Richmond campaign. Moving forward I think this show is going to end this season with a bang because at this point, with only three episodes remaining, I don’t have any suspects lined up in my head. If I had to make a prediction then I’m going to narrow it down to being either Terry, Belko, Sterling (Rosie’s best friend), Amber (Bennett’s wife), or even someone from the politics (Jamie, Gwen, Mayor Adams, Senator Eaton (Gwen’s father), or Benjamin (Adams’ right hand man)). Basically at this point I don’t have the slightest clue of who did it. I have a feeling that the show leading up to the finale, which is set for Sunday June 19th, will reveal a lot more information and I am hoping by the end of this season we will know the answer to the withstanding question Who Killed Rosie Larsen?