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6 Movies Starring Real Life Parents and Children, In Honor of ‘After Earth’ Starring Will and Jaden Smith

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Movie #6 – Wall Street

Year – 1987

This movie is synonymous with its infamous “Greed is good” speech. So much so that it’s easy to forget that Martin Sheen co-stars as Charlie Sheen’s father. Michael Douglas has the showy role but it’s Martin Sheen as Carl Fox who is the conscience of the film. Carl is a blue-collar airline worker mystified at his sons foray into the world of high-finance. He’s from the old world and knows that money made that quickly and that easily can’t come from a good place.

While it’s a message that’s not without merit, it can be a tad simplistic. However, director Oliver Stone likes to paint with a broad (and populist) brush. And he turns in a barnburner of film here regardless of your opinion of capitalism.

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