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Sundance Coverage: Day Two

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So my little kiddies, it has been HECTIC up here in God’s country! It snowed like 8 more inches, so the skiers are all happy as bugs! It was windy and cold, but us hard core movie junkies just can’t get enough I guess! We are all running like crazy to catch that shuttle or hop a cab to get to the next film!

So here are the films I got to see today:

7 Days (Subtitled)

This was quite disturbing movie, gotta tell you right now. The story revolves around a competent doctor, happily married with a young daughter that he adores. His life is forever changed when a sadistic killer kidnaps and brutally rapes her. Bruno (the doctor) goes on a horrific quest for his own justice as he kidnaps the killer and begins a seven day torture session of his own. While the movie was incredibly graphic and intense, the cinematography was choppy and a bit sloppy between scenes. Director Daniel Grou aka Podz gives a realistic journey into how a sane man can turn into the very killer he has captured…and tries to not become. Not one for the general masses, but an interesting look at how easy it is to slip from human into monster.


Ok, it must be my day for totally weird films! This one just….well, you be the judge! First time director Habib Azar was just so approachable and fun about his film. Not only did I get to see the film, but I got to spend some time with this debut director. At the screening, he had multiple people running around in these bright red jumpsuits and beanies. I thought I had walked into a screening for a bunch of convicts! Anyway, Azar turns a story of self mutilation into a comedy of ridiculousness…all of which I truly enjoyed! The film is about John, an insurance salesman who has a weird secret desire…to have both his arms amputated. He gets the courage to go looking for a doctor that will perform the surgery, only to have his lovely wife Anna think he is having an affair and wants to cut off another part of his anatomy! The movie is all about mistaken identities and miscommunication. Make sure you get a chance to see this one if you get a chance! Its funny but at the same time forces us to take long hard looks at ourselves and changes that we want to make vs the way we stay the same.

That’s gonna be the end of Day Two my friends…Day Three has a LOT in store!