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Paris, je t’aime

Posted: December 10, 2007 at 11:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

This is a great collection of short films that rarely let down at all while giving you a fun visual tour of both love and Paris. Since there are a number of people involved I will just go over my favorite entries, but just know that there are few that will let you down. The movie uses both French and English depending on the characters so you stupid subtitle haters, be warned.

-The opening film, Montmarte, is a great little bit of comedy and a look at chance encounters with some great work by Bruno Podalydès who also directed the piece as well.
-Le Marais by Gus Van Sant might have one of the best laughs over all with a scene taking place at a print shop.
-Tuileries is a hilarious sub-way scene staring Steve Buscemi and directed by the Coen Bros.
-Loin du 16ème is probably the shortest, but is a great piece though sad once it is over.
-Bastille is a tragic look at love and the power tragedy can have on a waning couple.
-Place des Victoires is a fantastical look at grief and loss and is one of the more surreal entries.
-Tour Eiffel is a fun look at Mime romance.
-Place des Fêtes by Oliver Schmitz was probably the best of the bunch, blending love, comedy, tragedy, and heartbreaking sadness beautifully into his short portion, and is worth watching the movie just to see it.
-Quartier de la Madeleine with Elijah Wood is a fun change of pace look at love and the fantastical mythos of French nightlife.
-Faubourg Saint-Denis is a fast and kinetic look at the relationship between a blind man and a young American actress. This one stars Natalie Portman and is directed by Perfume’s Tom Tkwer.
-14th arrondissement is the last film, directed by Alexander Payne of Sideways, and is a funny look at Paris through the eyes of an American tourist, and is a great cap to the short film program.

The movie is full of great comedy, tragedy, touching moments, and pretty much any emotion that you can think of is represented here in the broad range of short films. I suggest you seek this out as it is a joy to watch and is constantly enjoyable and rarely slows down or bores. Overall, a great compilation that makes one wish for more collaboration like this as this is a great way to discover new talent that might be oblivious to you while delivering excellent and varied entertainment that gives you something new at every turn.