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‘Made of Honor’ on DVD

Posted: September 18, 2008 at 9:03 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Patrick Dempsey stars in this romantic comedy that brings nothing new to the genre and is about as unoriginal as a romantic comedy can be; though the film still is at least entertaining.
Dempsey stars as Tom, a life long bachelor that is a millionaire after inventing the ‘coffee cruiser’, which has an amazing platonic friendship with Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), a girl he accidentally fell into friendship with. The two meet every Sunday to discuss their lives and while Tom has “relations” with many women, and never on back to back days to remain noncommittal, he has every other part of a relationship with Hannah as the two go together like peas and carrots. When Hannah leaves for Scotland for six weeks for work, Tom notices a void in his life and realizes sleeping around with as many women as possible isn’t necessarily the way to go. He decides to tell Hannah how he feels only to find her to be engaged and thrown into the position of Made of Honor for he said wedding. Tom decides to take up the role, but ultimately try to use it to win her over in the two weeks he has before the wedding.
The film plays out as expected, but when you sign up for one of these films, you usually know what you are getting into. It just would have been nice to see them doing something a bit original, outside putting a male in the lead, and brought an interesting spin to the genre. The movie comfortably walks through the paces and hits all of the prescribed beats and that’s fine, but all in all way to predictable.
Luckily, Patrick Dempsey is an extremely likable lead, as he is in Grey’s Anatomy as well, and is an entertaining guy for guys, as well as a dreamboat for women. Dempsey’s wit and charm make the movie watchable though I would like to see him get out of the cushy lovey dubby stuff and but that wit and charm into something a bit darker. Michelle Monaghan kind of coasts through the film in auto pilot, again hitting all of her beats, and while she does a good job, she doesn’t really bring anything to the table either. The supporting cast is moderately funny and ultimately forgettable, which is a real shame as they wasted the great Kevin McKidd as the Scottish suitor for Hannah.
Made of Honor is a cookie cutter rom-com that brings nothing new to the genre. It is entertaining and more than watchable, thanks to the likeability of Patrick Demspey, but it will not make you stand up and go, ‘that was pretty good’. The girl will eat it up though, so if you guys need a good date rental, this can’t hurt.