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Bee Movie

Posted: November 12, 2007 at 1:02 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

What we have here is Dreamworks newest piece of animation that continues on a healthy run of quality, outside the atrocious Shrek 3, following Over the Hedge and Flushed Away. Bee Movie is equally as ridiculous as Flushed Away with the whole, Bee World, and it is just impossible to believe that the animals that exist in our world have this secret under lying society no one knows about.
(It’s just ridiculous to think that rats, or bees, or whatever animal they use have this world with tools and inventions and cars and stuff, it’s just silly. This is where Pixar excels over everyone else; it creates worlds that we can believe might actually exist and are not completely incomprehensible. Now I know Ratatouille might stretch this a bit, but the rats aren’t building cities, and the Remy and Linguine angle is believable because it is simple fantasy; and Pixar are superb story tellers. Enough ranting)
Luckily Bee Movie has one really great thing going for it and that is Jerry Seinfeld. His brand of humor is liked by most and it works great even in this kid environment. His humor keeps the movie going along and is almost constantly funny with some great one liners sprinkled throughout the film. Seinfeld also does some admirable voice work as Barry and the rest of the group is good as well.(special shout out to the great Patrick Warburton)
The story itself is at least mixed up and tries to be a lot of things, but sadly doesn’t do all those things well. There are about 5 acts to this movie and while it’s nice that it doesn’t really drag its feet in repetitive material, one of the acts really falls flat do to its inconceivableness. Luckily Seinfeld’s comedy saves the act in question from ruining a solid comedy family film. The final act is also appreciated for sending an environmental message without beating it over our heads; I’m looking at you Happy Feet.
All in all, this is fun family fair, and if you like Seinfeld at all there is plenty to enjoy. But I would really love to see Dreamworks make movies that don’t make the animals do human things (they did this to best effect with Over the Hedge and that is their best work outside the first Shrek). Anyways, if you got some youngling’s take them out and enjoy the show as there is plenty for both of you to enjoy, even if it is all quite ridiculous.