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Pictures of Omer Bhatti – Michael Jackson’s Love Child

Posted: July 31, 2009 at 10:22 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Check out the above photo gallery of Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old dancer and aspiring rapper from Oslo, Norway – who has been affirmed as Michal Jackson’s son.

From ABC –
The kid says he’s Michael’s son — and now, so does the Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson.

In an interview with TV One, Joe Jackson asserts Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old dancer and aspiring rapper from Oslo, Norway who once traveled the world with Michael Jackson, lived at the singer’s Neverland ranch and was referred to by the Jackson family as “Michael J,” is the pop icon’s estranged fourth child.

Asked if he knew Bhatti was Jackson’s son, Joe Jackson said, “Yes, I knew he had another son, yes I did.”

He added: “He looks like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson. This boy is fantastic dancer — matter of fact, he teaches dance.”

Bhatti came under renewed scrutiny earlier this month, when the British newspaper The Sun reported Bhatti is seeking a DNA test to find out if he’s really Jackson’s child.

Bhatti has features similar to Jackson and shares an uncanny resemblance to his youngest son Prince II, known as Blanket.

Not everyone connected to the family is as certain as Joe Jackson that Bhatti is the pop icon’s flesh and blood. But one thing is for sure: Bhatti, who was seated on the front row at Jackson’s memorial service next to Jackson’s children and siblings, occupies a special place in the Jackson family.

In Vienna earlier this month, Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson said Bhatti would be welcomed into the family, if he’s proven a Jackson.