Photos: Let Them Eat Festival

Posted: July 10, 2023 at 3:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Story and Photos by Carla Scuzzo

Let Them Eat Art is a wonderful festival held annually in Maplewood filled with art of all kinds, – painting, photography, sculpture, clothing, music, performance, food, drink, and more. 

With booths stretching from Sutton all the way down Maplewood’s historic district to Schlafly Bottleworks, there was definitely some thing for everyone.  

Roaming performers provided delightful images. Sun Women Cirque brought a painted lady on stiles and artfully dressed hula hoopers. Aalim Belly Dancers brought the moves.  Little human bodies with giant papier-mâché heads floated amongst the crowd.   

And the art. Billed as a whimsical tribute to Bastille Day, the artists at the fair clearly understood the assignment.  Doll head lamps,  pinup paintings, far out jewelry, tie dye and more could be purchased. Some booths encouraged haggling and most of the artists were eager to talk and interact with everyone who displayed any interest.

There was music to be had all evening. We got to check out Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship a fun, silly, crazy performer. We closed out the night with the always-entertaining Steve Ewing band who played a bunch of crowd pleasers including some Urge songs that clearly stirred up memories from many in the crowd who were singing along word for word.  

If you haven’t been to this particular fair before, it happens annually, and you’ll have another chance next year to eat some art.