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Warner Brothers has not skimped on the expenses for marketing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2.  Why would they?  The film is going to be the biggest money maker of the year.  As a result, we have gotten dozens of posters for the new HARRY POTTER film.  Many have been character posters, but we have gotten a few cast ones.  There is only one poster for the film that I have loved more than this one, and that is the initial teaser poster with the castle in ruins.  This is a very close second.  Can’t wait for this film!

I actually saw QUARANTINE before I saw [REC], and I was very surprised at how the film really is a shot by shot remake of the original.  Most of the time this does not really work out for an American remake, but I found QUARANTINE quite creepy.  Though, I do prefer the ending to [REC] much more.  I am excited about this sequel because it is not a remake of the sequel to [REC].  I am not excited because it is a direct to DVD endeavor.  There are some good direct to DVD films, right?  QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL will hit stores in the Fall.

I know there are people that hate Paul W.S. Anderson, but I am more than willing to step up to the plate and defend his films.  MORTAL KOMBAT is one of the better video game adaptations.  Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it’s based on a video game.  It was fun entertainment.  First RESIDENT EVIL was the best in the franchise and was great in separating itself from the games while still being RESIDENT EVIL.  ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: the only part I hated was the giant T-Rex/ Queen Alien at the end.  DEATH RACE: he cast Jason Statham so it automatically made it more enjoyable.  While I am still nervous about him doing the classic tale, I think THE THREE MUSKETEERS will be entertaining and a guilty pleasure.

Yes, I know most of you saw THE AVENGERS in the title of the article and that’s the only reason you clicked on it.  But I am sorry to disappoint you.  This is the worst of the group.  It just looks like the cover of a children’s coloring book.  And yes I know that this is not the final poster and that it is only a promo.  But this is the first piece of marketing you are releasing for the film that features the whole cast.  Step it up Marvel.  I have seen better fan made posters for this film.