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New children’s book focuses on local English Bulldog named Olive

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Those of us who are dog people get it. There’s something special about a human’s bond with a dog.

As an owner of an English Bulldog named Gertrude, I find joy in just about everything she does. But, unless you are the owner of a rescue dog, you don’t understand the courage that some of these dogs have to have in order to overcome their own fears. For Gertrude, it was something as simple as coming out of her crate, something that she struggled with for close to a year, after we adopted her.

In local author Kelley G. Lamm’s new children’s book series, Oh Olive, the author writes about her own English Bulldog, Olive, and her fear of thunderstorms. The first book in the series is titled, Oh Olive, Oh No! A Thunderstorm.

Lamm has had Olive for 2 years now. She actually adopted the Bulldog on her birthday from a family that could not keep her.

“I thought, oh my god, what did we get ourselves into, adopting a Bulldog,” Lamm said. “They are so high maintenance.”

Despite being a lot of work to take care of, Olive has brought happiness to Lamm’s family. The bulldog helped Lamm in a time of need, shortly after her mother passed.

“She has brought so much joy into our lives,” she said. “If she brings us this much joy, she’s going to bring others joy.”

Lamm admitted that while she has owned other breeds of dogs, there isn’t one quite like an English Bulldog.

“They have a different personality from other dogs, and they do their own thing,” she said. “It’s their world and we are living in it.”

The idea for the book came one night during a thunderstorm. Like many dogs, Olive has a fear of storms.

“She has fears, but she doesn’t run from them and aggressively goes after her fears,” Lamm said. “When it stormed, she was fearful, but inquisitive. She wanted to take that storm down and it just inspired the book.”

Lamm, also the publisher of City Lifestyle magazine, said the book is meant to bring positivity to the readers and motivate them to overcome their fears, just like Olive did.

“I’m hoping that the metaphor and the lesson from the book is that we all go through stormy times, things that give us fear,” she said. “But if we go into that fear and take it on, rather than hiding it, the sun will come out. For a child, they have hard times too. Kids can relate to animals and learn that the sun will come out and we will be okay.”

After meeting with illustrators and designers, Lamm said everything just kind of fell into place when she met Isabella Brouster and Rodney Atchley. Brouster did the illustrations in the book, while Atchley handled the cover layout and book design.

“I was meeting with people for drawings, and nothing looked right,” Lamm said. “She (Isabella) just came along and did a drawing and that was it! Everything just kept evolving from there.”

With the book being geared toward children, one of the themes of the book is I’m Pawsome. That phrase is etched on the collars of little plush toys of Olive the Bulldog that kids can have to hopefully comfort them in tough times.

Lamm has visited schools along with Olive, reading her book to the students and allowing them to visit with the bulldog, something that Lamm hopes to continue doing. Kelley’s unique approach to storytelling and speaking engages young minds, encouraging them to dream big, embrace their individuality, and approach life’s adventures with courage. Kelley’s genuine passion for her craft makes her a beacon of light in the world of children’s literature and motivational speaking.

“They love her, and she loves them,” she said.

Olive also visited local radio stations as well, sitting in a chair during the interview. Next for the newly famous pooch from New Town will be some appearances on local television station along with Lamm to promote the book.

The next book in the series will be about bullying.

“Each book will be a fear that they will overcome,” Lamm said. “My goal is to get out there and read to the kids with Olive.”

To purchase the book or find more information on Olive the Bulldog, visit or email [email protected]. A portion of all proceeds to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri and Kansas