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Movies You Haven’t Heard Of – Thunderpants (2002), starring Rupert Grint

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rupert-grint-thunderpantsDo you remember when Rupert Grint starred as Alan A Allen, a child prodigy and genius inventor? You don’t? Me neither…

In 2002, a movie named “THUNDERPANTS” was released, billed as… “An uplifting comedy adventure from the director of The Borrowers. Thunderpants tells the story of a 10 year-old boy who dreams of being a spaceman… From the day he is born, Patrick Smash baffles his family and teachers alike with his special gift – an amazing ability to fart. Patrick’s best friend Alan A. Allen (played by Rupert Grint from Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets) is a child genius. With Alan’s help, Patrick learns to harness his special powers taking them on a journey of adventure from fame to danger and finally to the U.S. Space Centre. There the world waits to see if they can fulfill their ambition…”

Check out the trailer below:

Watch Rupert Grint talk about “Thunderpants” during a press interview: