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Links for two weeks!

Posted: July 11, 2008 at 8:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Here are the links for the last two weeks, enjoy!
And go see Hellboy II, just fan-fucking-tastic!

-MGM is trying to reinvigorate, Joss Whedon has a new title coming out, but there are also looking at re-making a bunch of stuff, I hope Darren Aronofsky finds something better to do than a Robocop remake.

-No actors strike, thank god!

-A viral site for the fake making of documentary of the fake movie in Tropic Thunder, Rain of Madness, this is an obvious parody of Heart of Darkness the infamous doco of Apocalypse Now. Trailer is right here on iTunes.

-Inglorious Bastards script is “done” (though Tarantino will probably write a million scenes to add while shooting the sucker). It is out to studios and apparently Tarantino is recruiting Brad Pitt for the lead, please make this happen. He is also aiming to start filming in October.

-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince promotion has begun, pics here and here, and expect a trailer, on Star Wars: The Clone Wars in another month.

-Keanu Reeves’s remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still has a trailer.

-David Fincher is possibly going to do a CG animated adaptation of The Goon graphic novels.

-Thomas Jane’s Mutant Chronicles could be some low budget fun.

Sherlock Holmes is getting the Apatow comedy touch with Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell staring as Holmes and Watson respectively.

-Please more Arrested Development; please more Arrested Development, please more…

-Hellboy has some cool promos out; here he is with James Lipton, as well as Chuck and other NBC folk.

-Beverly Hills Cop 4 might happen, or might not, either way, I don’t really care.

-Tom Cruise has a director and spy action vehicle in Edwin A. Salt lined up.

-Mathew Fox as a hit man out to kill all other hit men; sign me up for Smoke.

-More Bond, Quantum of Solace trailer is out, find it here.

-DeNiro wants to do two more Good Sheppard films, I am all for this.

-A new Watchmen video journal is out.

-A Superman restart, ala The Incredible Hulk, but might be an origin film as well, might be in the works with the writer of the Wanted comics. Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) might be the rumored director he is working with.

-Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg talk about their Green Hornet adaptation that they took over from Rogen’s most recent directing partner, Kevin Smith.

-Nic Cage’s newest with Alex Proyas looks promising, though might have been cooler with Richard Kelly, here is the trailer for Knowing.

The Godfather has been completely restored and will arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD this September 23.

-Guy Ritchie is directing a Sherlock Holmes movie as well, and his Holmes will be played by Robert Downey Jr. I think I will take this one before the Apatow one, but lets hope they are both good.

Favs is back for Iron Man 2, who knows if they will make the deadline of May 2010 though.