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Links for the week of 8-1

Posted: August 1, 2008 at 8:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Here is this weeks links, enjoy!

-Empire has some new Watchmen covers and 4 really good new pics.

Last Blood sounds like a wicked adaptation coming to the big screen. Zombies have over run the earth and the Vampires of the world are forced to protect the humans so they continue to have a food source. Lot’s of conflicting emotions going on by everyone in this, except the zombies, they don’t think so good.

-Here is the teaser for W, Oliver Stones look at the life of George W. Bush. Looks really good, but also seems fairly even handed from the trailer.

-Also, here is the teaser for UP, Pixar’s entry for next year. Can’t wait! And here is a look at some of the characters.

-More moneys for The Dark Knight, as even more records fall!

-Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the prequel to the previous films and doesn’t include Kate Beckinsale or her character Selene; even though they cast the new female lead to look kind of like her. Here are some pics at ew.com. Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen do reprise their characters though which might make this worth checking out.

-Nottingham, the Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe twisted Robin Hood film has delayed production for up to a year, damn. If this means they will be able to get Bale for Robin Hood I am for it though.

-Not going to lie, the Wolverine Comic Con footage looked pretty f-ing awesome. Now show me that Watchmen footage.

-Here is an interesting read with George Lucas about Indy 5 among other things. I am going to have to side with Spielberg most likely here though.

-Here is the trailer for Disney’s traditionally animated the Princess and the Frog; looks pretty cute and Cajun.

-Warner Bros is making a live action Marvin the Martian movie. I like how the picture in this article makes Marvin seem like a real person.

Jack White and Alicia Keys will do the next Bond song, this could go either way in a hurry I feel, and let’s hope it’s for the better.

-Inglorious Bastards seems to becoming more and more like it will for sure happen, Universal is now co-producing.

-They might be making a stand alone Venom film, but the symbiote will be jumping off Topher Grace most likely.

Pope Joan sounds like a intriguing little untold story in history.

Scared Straight sounds like an interesting premise for Nic Cage’s next vehicle, though if there are shower rape scenes and kids messing people up with violence, I don’t know how good a message this movie will have.

-300 meets the Warriors in Anabasis, color me intrigued.

-Here is some more story behind the Tron 2 footage, I want to be the cyan guy.

I guess that does it for the week, more to come!