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Links for 10/10

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-Here is a Watchmen Q&A with Dave Gibbons and Zack Snyder, as well as the new production video, which has some new and extended Manhattan footage, and is probably the best one they have unleashed yet.

-Interesting story on Ghostbusters II, and Bill Murray’s issues with the franchise.

-Here is an article on the awesome Guillermo del Toro!

-A Roger Ebert blog about a screening with the Wachowski bros., and the first post-op pic I have seen of Larry.

Blade Runner sequel? Uh………..

-Here are a bunch of Potter pics from The Half Blood Prince.

-Shyamalan is keen to do Unbreakable 2?

Bull Durham sequel? What….Nuke and Annie end up together???

-David Cronenberg will helm a Robert Ludlum adaptation staring Denzel, called The Matarese Circle. Lets hope Viggo becomes a part of this some how!

-Once again, believe no Batman rumors!

-Forrest Whitaker does Louis Armstrong, he will star and direct.

Cool EW poll about which Best Picture Oscars you would take back and give to someone else.

-Jamie Foxx is hooking up with Frank Darabont and Gerard Butler for Law Abiding Citizen.

-Take with a grain of salt, but Burton could bring a great shot in the arm to the Pirates franchise.

Eric Bana steals stuff, I’m there.

-Here is a new Twilight trailer.

-And David Goyer’s latest, The Unborn’s first look.

-Another Neil Gaiman might be getting pushed through at Marvel.

-Eastwood finally sheds some light on Torino.

-The director of the creepy Orphanage will helm Hater.