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Indie Summer Preview

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The Indie movie scene is full of a bunch of intriguing releases this summer as well, and some if this fair will most likely rival the major studio stuff that gets released. It may not have the same wiz and bang appeal, but these are some fun and unique flicks that you should definitely keep an eye on this summer since they will be flying under the radar. Let’s get this list going.

16. The Children of Huang Shi – May 23rd
Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as a reporter that helps save some kids from the Rape of Nanking. Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh are reunited from Crouching Tiger, but don’t expect any kung fu fighting in this one.

15. Towelhead – August 8th
Alan Ball’s dark, dark, comedy takes a look at the life of an Arab 13 year old girl and the weird suburbia life around her. Aaron Eckhart is the big name here, but I am seeing this due to Ball’s involvement as I will follow him after Six Feet Under.

14. Transsiberian- August 1st
A dark thriller that takes place on a Trans-Siberian train stars Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer as a couple that gets wrapped up in murder and other hi-jinks along their long train ride.

13. American Teen – July 25th
This documentary takes a real and humorous look into the life of a high school student. It will look into everything from the romances, to the cliques, and just about anything else awkward about high school kids.

12. The Promotion – June 6th
A comedy about dueling supermarket employees. Sounds daft, but John C. Reilly and Seann William Scott star, so it might be funny. Reilly will probably be worth the price of admission alone.

11. Mongol – June 6th
This epic is the first of a trilogy about Genghis Kahn. It was nominated for best foreign film and is supposed to just be an awesome adventure/war picture.

10. The Foot Fist Way – May 30th
David McBride stars and this is supposed to be his platform to comedy god before he splashes down with Pineapple Express later this year. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay swear by this movie, so it’s got to be at least worth watching?

9. The Tracey Fragments – May 9th
This film probably would have never seen the light of day, but then Ellen Page became a star and here it is. This looks intriguing though as an out there and crazy film. The title character is searching for her missing little brother and the preview peaked my interest.

8. The Fall – May 9th
Lee Pace in a crazy looking fantasy from the director of The Cell. The look of this film just looks cool as hell and the film promises to be a visual treat, let’s hope the story pans out as well.

7. The Whackness – July 3rd
Ben Kinglsey strikes up a friendship with one of his patients who is seeking his psychiatric advice in exchange for weed. Was a hit at Sundance and promises to be a funny and unique coming of age film.

6. War Inc. – May 23rd
John Cusack stars in a “sequel in spirit” to “Grosse Point Blank” about a hitman sent to a Middle Eastern country to carry out a political assassination, hilarity ensues. I’m sold due to Cusack’s involvement and am up for anything that is similar to Grosse Point.

5. Religulous – July 11th
Bill Maher’s documentary looks into the comedy of religion and the things people do because of it. It should be an extremely informative and entertaining documentary that will be sure to cause some controversy sooner or later around its release.

4. Red Belt – May 2nd
David Mamet’s mixed martial arts thriller that is supposed to be a nice little action film stars Tim Allen and Chiwetel Ejiofor. There should be plenty of solid dialogue and the fight scenes are supposed to be solid all wrapped up with a good story to follow.

3. Hamlet 2 – August 22nd
A distraught theater teacher decides to write and produce a sequel to Hamlet that causes irreverence and issues for everyone at the high school it’s staged at. This should be a new and interesting spin on the high school comedy.

2. Son of Rambow – May 2nd
This British import from Garth Jennings is about a couple of elementary students that decide to make their own Rambow movie in their back yards. I have wanted to see this for a long while and can’t wait for this to roll out into theaters.

1. Choke – August 1st
An adaptation of the fantastic Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) book Sam Rockwell perfectly cast in the lead. A sexaholic who chokes on food on purpose so his heroes send him money discovers a secret about his past and goes out to try and figure out his path in life.

That about does it, keep an eye out and make sure these stay on your radar.