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Are you a fan of horror films? Luckily for St. Louis residents Andy Trifenbach and his Destroy the Brain podcast are presenting a new monthly, Late Nite Grindehouse, feature every month at the Hi-Pointe theater! Come check it out this weekend as they present The Beyond!

DESTROY THE BRAIN in association with GRINDHOUSE RELEASING is proud to bring Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece THE BEYOND to the Hi-Pointe Theatre as the second entry into DESTROY THE BRAIN presents LATE NITE GRINDHOUSE. Showing in 35mm, experience a hellish, surrealistic nightmare that only the Italian master of gore could bring you. Originally released in 1983 under a heavily censored title of Seven Doors of Death, Fulci’s second entry in his unofficial Gates of Hell trilogy was unleashed on drive-in screens and grindhouses in the US for a brief period of time. Over time, bootlegs emerged of the film in its uncut form, mainly sourced from an uncensored Japanese laserdisc. Finally in 1998, Bob Murawski and Sage Stallone completely re-mastered the film and got Quentin Tarantino to endorse the release through Miramax. The film gathered over $1 Million during its midnight show run. For fans of the director Lucio Fulci (CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBIE), this is a film that must be seen on the big screen. If you are unfamiliar with Fulci, this movie is a great one of his to start out with.

THE BEYOND will be showing at Midnight at THE HI-POINTE THEATRE (1005 McCausland Ave. St. Louis, MO) on Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th.

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Follow DESTROY THE BRAIN on Facebook at About DESTROY THE BRAIN presents LATE NITE GRINDHOUSE at the Hi-Pointe Theatre: May 2010 was the debut of DESTROY THE BRAIN presents LATE NITE GRINDHOUSE.  With underground promotion within genre related events, the two night event was able to bring in 260 people to The Hi-Pointe Theatre.   “I have always wanted my friends and people who share an affection for horror & cult cinema to have a place to go in St. Louis to watch some really cool movies and have more of a communial experience.” says DESTROY THE BRAIN founder Andy Triefenbach. “The Hi-Pointe Theatre has always been one of the dream theatres for these kinds of films to show in. It encompasses the body of a grindhouse by being a one screen theatre.”  Immersing the audience with a music pre-show hosted by Dr. Triefenstein, Andy Triefenbach’s alter-ego, attendees were treated to a celebratory atmosphere prior to the film.   LATE NITE GRINDHOUSE proclaims the phrase “It is not a screening, it is an event.” About DESTROY THE BRAIN: DESTROY THE BRAIN is St. Louis’ only horror & cult movie podcast.  DESTROY THE BRAIN started back in June 2007 as a weekly podcast delivering listeners news, DVD announcements & DVD Releases in conjunction with movie reviews and interviews with filmmakers, actors and convention organizers.  DESTROY THE BRAIN, as of late, has taken a brief hiatus from the podcast to gear up to expand the website into a full fledged website that will deliver all the aspects of the one hour podcast show while still hosting the podcast starting May 1, 2010.  DESTROY THE BRAIN, unlike most podcasts, is mainly a one man show featuring Andy Triefenbach and his occasional alter-ego Dr. Triefenstein.