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Posted: October 16, 2007 at 11:18 am   /   by   /   comments (4)

So it’s Tuesday, which means its time to buy some DVD’s. There were two on the menu today, the Two Disc Transformers and the second part of Grindhouse: Planet Terror.
I decide to go to Target today to buy my movies, which is a bit odd for me as usually you will find me at Best Buy, but boy am I happy I did. I go to get the Two Disc of Transformers and I realize they don’t have the one I want, they have some exclusive, for 2 dollars more that is probably nothing more than a simple DVD with nothing important on it. I hate when they do these add-on’s and then don’t have anything worthwhile on it, and then they charge extra, store exclusive things should be the same price unless its really something specail; off the soapbox. So I quickly double check and find they don’t have a non-bonus version, so I contemplate just buying it or driving and spending the two dollars i would save somewhere else easily in gas. Then I notice, it is not a bonus DVD, it is special packaging. Which can be cool, like with the steel book DVD cases(which Best Buy had an exclusive on for both Grindhouse titles, but charged Extra!!) but this was even cooler.


Now, I am no where close to being a fanboy of Transformers, I enjoyed the movie and that’s about the extent of it, but that is just too cool. As a DVD collector, this is a cool little exclusive to have, and it only cost me two bucks more, that I would have spent on gas if I would have gone elsewhere, so I will take that as an added bonus. I had to share some pics below, so enjoy!


DVD CASE Pre Transform

Back with Disc Case

Disc bay open-these are in there sturdy and snaps closed well,
doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy


Back with Disc’s Open

Side view, feet slide out to let him stand.

And the Huge Robot fits right on your DVD Shelf

That’s all, the thing itself is sturdy, and doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy, even though it is thin, this was an awesome edition to my library, and if you haven’t gotten this yet, you should. Now, I hope they have this version on DVDAF soon.