Jun 2009 18

Roland Emmerich does one thing extremely well, DESTROY SHIT, and this might be the best bit of that he has ever done.  The trailer looks very silly and ridicuolusly fun and color me intrigued and ready for this one to come out; it should be a grand old time.  And John Cusack Rocks!

Check out the trailer here at Yahoo or embeded below.

zombieland1Now, Zombieland, we just got our first look at pics from the film the other day and now we get the trailer.  And I am not going to lie, this early look is fantastic!  I love the Hitchiker’s Guide style voice over, and pray that is part of the film, and while it doesn’t show much from the actors the cast is solid all around.  Plus Woody Harrelson playing a redneck zombie killer, brilliant.  I am pumped.

Check out the trailer over at Apple, or watch below:



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