Feb 2010 25

Shaun White on Colbert Report After Winning Gold Medal at OlympicsShawn White is an incredible athlete, which he reaffirmed by winning the gold medal on the half-pipe last week with ease. He won it on his first run, taking a victory lap and pulling off his new “Double McTwist 1260” to boot. Shaun stopped by the Colbert Report earlier this week, and proved he has a great personality and sense of humor as well.

Colbert continues to do a great job with his coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics in his interview with Shaun White. If you haven’t seen his interview with Bob Costas, you need to watch it here.

From the Colbert Report: Shaun White theorizes why snowboarders don’t burst into tears like figure skaters do when they’re judged. Enjoy!

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Shaun White

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