146: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Box Office Report (12/25 – 12/27)
Dec 2015 29

146 hateful eight posterWe’re down to three this week, but we soldier on.

Star Wars still rules the land, but surprisingly other movies made money too. Go figure. Hollywood managed to sneak out a new Will Ferrell movie. It was news to us, but based on the box office it wasn’t news to America.

All this plus Joe goes on a wrestling tangent that we didn’t edit out (hey, it’s Christmas) and Tom gives us quick reviews of Concussion and The Big Short.

It’s Reel Spoilers 146: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Box Office Report.

You’ve been warned.

Starring: Tom O’Keefe, Kevin Brackett, Joe Buttice
Run-time: 52min

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Movie Review: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins
Dec 2015 25

The Hateful 8 Poster LargeThe holiday season not only brought the return of Star Wars, but also the return of Quentin Tarantino for film buffs. The director’s latest – and his greatest film to date – The Hateful Eight is an experience unlike anything you’re likely to have in movie theaters this year or anytime soon.

Beautifully filmed in 70-millimeter, the move engages audiences from the very beginning of this three-hour spaghetti western. Watching Tarantino’s latest film is like watching a master at work. He uses beautiful cinematography in the mountains of Wyoming, but also dishes out more fake blood than I’ve ever seen before.

Clocking in at just over three hours with an overture and an intermission, The Hateful Eight is a western “who done it,” featuring top notch acting. With standout performances from Samuel L. Jackson as Maj. Marquis Warren, and Kurt Russell (doing his best John Wayne imitation as John Ruth), the audience gets their moneys worth.

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145: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Starring John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver
Dec 2015 23

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie PosterSo this is where we normally have some sort of synopsis where we try to entice you to listen. “Dan said something old timey. Tom was bored. Joe is creepy.” That sort of thing… But here’s the deal – we’re talking about STAR WARS. That’s all you need to know.

The internet has been screaming at you for the last six months saying “DON’T SPOIL STAR WARS!!1!”

Now you have all of these Star Wars spoilers swimming around your little nerd head and you can’t discuss them aloud for fear of ruining it for a fellow nerd. Well, we’re here for you. This is when we shine. So put on your headphones and join us for an epic (in both length and content) episode. The one you’ve been waiting for since you were 10-years old.

It’s Reel Spoilers 145: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

You’ve been warned.

Starring: Tom O’Keefe, Kevin Brackett, Dan Graney, Blake Fehl, Joe Buttice
Run-time: 1hr 55min

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144: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Box Office Report (12/18-12/20)
Dec 2015 22

144-force-awakensThe Box Office was pretty much a one trick pony this week.

Apparently you saw Star Wars. Every. Single. One of you. But we still find things to talk about. Tom makes multiple “old timey” references. Why did ‘Sisters‘ open against ‘The Force Awakens?’ And Tom makes a major nerd confession.

It’s Reel Spoilers 144: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Box Office Report.

You’ve been warned.

Starring: Tom O’Keefe, Kevin Brackett, Dan Graney, Blake Fehl, Joe Buttice
Run-time: 47min

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Review: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (Spoiler Free!)
Dec 2015 18

Fair or not, generations are often remembered by events that coincide with their lives. Stories are told to younger generations about what it was like to be alive during these events. Sometimes, these are dramatic, world-altering events, such as World War II, the JFK assassination, or the 9/11 attacks. Other times, these events are much more light-hearted, revolving around famous athletes or concerts like Woodstock.

For a generation of filmgoers in the late ’70s and early ’80s, the Star Wars franchise was their defining moment. The original release of A New Hope far exceeded anyone’s wildest expectations and launched one of the biggest entertainment franchise in the world. Adjusted for inflation, the three films that make up the original trilogy rank in the top-20 grossing films of all time. Sadly, these were all released before I was even born.

I was around, however, for the release of the prequels, and remember the passion and excitement surrounding the release of the first prequel The Phantom Menace. Finally, I would be able to experience the energy and fun of the theatrical launch of a Star Wars film! A wee lad of 15, I remember trying to buy tickets to opening weekend, only for the theater near my house to be sold out.

Maybe the film gods did me a favor there.

It’s well-documented now that the prequel trilogy, while incredibly successful financially, couldn’t come close to replicating the critical and emotional success of Episodes IV, V, and VI. When you combine that with George Lucas’s constant tinkering with the original trilogy, adding needless CGI and altering the timeline of events, it’s certainly understandable that people have become skeptical of the forthcoming new films.

And it’s to you jaded skeptics that I say this:

Allay your fears. Go see The Force Awakens. Right meow.

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