Marvel’s ANT-MAN Opens Number 1, Yet Lowest Gross Since THE INCREDIBLE HULK. What Does That Mean?
Jul 2015 21

Ant-Man Large Poster Paul RuddBy now, we’ve all grown used to the idea that any new Marvel movie is capable of topping the box office and leading ticket sales worldwide, if not setting a new record for an opening weekend. Time and time again, the studio pushes out a new superhero adventure only to set its own bar higher, and in the process that same studio has raked in untold hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It’s the new standard: Marvel Studios + new movie = $$$.

And then along came Ant-Man. Arguably the studio and comic book giant’s most bizarre standalone project to date, the project served as the origin story to a hero who’s actually an original Avenger (if we’re going by comic lore), but who’s also something of a joke. Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) is a master thief who’s gifted with a special suit by mad scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). The suit gives him the ability to shrink down to ant size while enjoying the accompanying perks, like magnified strength and the ability to control, um, ants. And voila! A superhero story is born.

Incredibly enough, this ludicrous concept actually played pretty well on the big screen. Ant-Man received pretty good reviews (a cumulative 80% positive on Rotten Tomatoes), for a number of reasons. To begin with, Paul Rudd is an intriguing brand of Hollywood darling; he can be knee-slapping hilarious or he can play the forgettable good guy, but he’s really hard to criticize. Douglas is his own brand of darling, and on top of these two packing a punch among critics, there’s the fact that the movie is pretty enjoyable. Like Guardians Of The Galaxy before it, it excels by not taking itself too seriously, and this helps viewers to relax and enjoy the fun.

Unfortunately for the studio, Ant-Man didn’t quite match the box office success of Guardians Of The Galaxy (which topped $160 million in its opening weekend). Marvel’s latest had a gigantic opening by most ordinary standards, nearing the $60 million mark. But as IGN pointed out, this was actually Marvel’s weakest opening since The Incredible Hulk (and that in itself is an extraordinary statement on the money-making power of the superhero genre).

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Matt’s 100% Accurate Oscar Predictions – 2014
Feb 2014 28

2013 was a great year for film. When so many are decrying the death of cinema, movies like these remind us that there are plenty of ideas and adventures left to explore. This year in particular we were treated to many films that break the traditional mold of Oscar fare. What was once a celebration of old, dry, period set dramas is now recognizing a younger and more diverse group of filmmakers. Here is the list of those films I believe will be honored this year at…

The 86th Annual Academy Awards

(P.S. – I didn’t include the nominees for short films because…well, nobody really cares about the short films.)

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New York City Comic Con 2013 – All News and Announcements
Oct 2013 18

starfireNew York City hosted it’s annual Comic Con this past weekend.  Much like all the other major cities that host a Comic Convention, there are a plethora of news, reveals, and announcements.  This show was no different.  Every publisher made some big announcements, but yet again, Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios stole the show.

I’ll break all the news down by publisher so it should be a little easier to navigate.


  • There will be three new ‘Artist Editions’.  They will feature Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons, and Charles Schultz.
  • Darywn Cooke will provide new art for for Richard Stark’s Parker Novels.  IDW will also republish a lot of the novels in hardcovers.
  • A Transformers / G.I. Joe crossover is in the works
  • James O’Barr’s The Crow will returns as well

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Possible Concept Art for Ben Affleck’s Batman?
Sep 2013 04

The production of the Man of Steel sequel is set to begin in just a few months.  It was only a matter of time before we started seeing pre-production art work and possible concepts for the new Batman’s gear.  According to Bleeding Cool, this picture by artist Steve Scott (the artist behind the comic adaption of The Dark Knight), was posted to a Facebook page and offered for sale. Apparently, it was pulled pretty quick.

















I am in no way confirming that this is a real concept for the suit.  It’s nothing more that a rumor. That being said, I really don’t think this is what the suit will look like.  We may see something that ‘s close, but not this exact suit.  I’ve stated before that I would like to see some greys, blacks, and dark blues thrown into the new suit. A sort of urban camouflage.  I also like the idea of there being some yellow trim around the Bat symbol on the chest.  It’s a nice throw back to the older suits while keeping it modern.  I really like this version of the cowl.  It looks a lot like Gary Frank’s version from Batman: Earth One.  What do you guys think?  What would you like to see from the new costume?

Matt Damon Says Ben Affleck Will Make a Great Batman, Says  “I won’t be Robin.”
Aug 2013 27

In case you haven’t heard – Ben Affleck is Batman.

Of course it is natural, since they star in every movie together, to assume that Matt Damon will be Robin in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

This little gem has been floating around the internet for the last couple of days.

This little gem has been floating around the internet for the last couple of days (

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