Interview With Comedian Marlon Wayans, Producer/Star of A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 – In Theaters Everywhere Today
Apr 2014 18
Marlon with brother Shawn in Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

Marlon with brother Shawn in Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

For those who know anything about comedy, the name “Wayans” is sure to ring a bell. Comprised of 10 brothers and sisters who do everything from acting and writing, to directing and producing, the Wayans have made their name synonymous with funny. And that is only in the first generation, who have given birth to an entirely new line of actor/writer/comedian/directors.

Marlon Wayans, the youngest of the siblings, made his film debut in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) at the age of 16. Although he only had a small role in his brother Keenen’s directorial debut, it would be the start of an epic career spanning the last 26 years. And things don’t look like they are slowing down any time soon.

In honor of the release of A Haunted House 2, the sequel to his hugely successful 2013 comedy (which grossed over $60 million dollars worldwide on a $2.5 million dollar budget), Marlon came to St. Louis to talk about the film and his long-running career.
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Legendary Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait Plays Funny Bone in Valley Park (April 3-5)
Mar 2014 27

Bobcat Goldthwait ComedianBobcat Goldthwait will be appearing at the new Funny Bone comedy club in Valley Park on April 3-5. Goldthwait is known for his outlandish voice and his stand-up comedy from the 80s and 90s.

The comic made his film debut in Police Academy 2 in 1985. After reviving the character in two sequels, Goldthwait went on to appear in television show Unhappily Ever After, as well as his legendary appearance in 1994 on The Tonight Show, where he set fire to the couch on Jay Leno’s set. Goldthwait was appearing to promote his directorial debut “Shakes the Clown,” the story of a drunken clown who is framed for murder.

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Westward Bound: A Missouri Native Works to Make it in Hollywood
Jun 2013 28

Sometimes, it’s the quietest guys that can make the loudest impact.

Way back in my day when I was a teenager at the turn of the century, my parents sent me to DeSmet Jesuit, one of the numerous private Catholic high schools in the St. Louis area. I was fortunate enough to make some terrific friends and I had some great classmates in my academic career, and one of them was this quiet, skinny guy who never really talked a lot in class, but he seemed nice enough.

When we graduated, we went our separate ways, and we never really kept in contact. Thanks to the power of Facebook, though, we reconnected after college, where I was surprised to find out he’d moved out to the West Coast to make it big in Hollywood.

His name? Chris Pine.

Ok, just kidding. His name’s Brian Merritt. You may not have seen him on tv, but if you’re an avid tv watcher, chances are you’ve seen some of his work in the last few years. After years of working as a production assistant on such shows as “Storage Wars,” “Auction Hunters,” “The Bonnie Hunt Show,” and “Deal or No Deal,” Brian’s striking out on his own with his own web series called, aptly enough, “The Series.”

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Weird Al Yankovic Interview: Al Makes a St. Louis Stop at the Family Arena for “Alpocalypse”
Mar 2013 21

Weird Al Alpocalypse Film ReelWe see musicians come and go throughout the decades. Sure, there are a handful of artists that survive the changes in culture and keep a loyal following. But those artists are few and far between. Yet Weird Al Yankovic hit the scene in 1976, after handing a recording to Dr. Demento, and has been a staple of pop culture ever since.

I had the chance to talk with Weird Al about his “Alpocalypse” tour, which comes to St. Louis on April 19th at the Family Arena, as well as about his career in music, movies, television and more.

Kevin: I’ve been a big fan of yours since I listened to my first Weird Al CD, “Bad Hair Day.”

Weird Al: Well thank you! No kidding, that’s awesome.

I saw you back in 2011 at the Family arena, and you put on one hell of a show. Are you changing up anything for the Alpocalypse tour since the last time you came to town?

No, it’s the same tour. I’m working on new songs, but they won’t be in the show. I am working on the new album – I’ve got a couple of originals in the can that I’m writing and recording soon. The parodies I’ll probably do later this year. No idea when the new album is coming out, but hopefully sometime in the next 30 or 40 years.

So I take it you are keeping the new songs under wraps?

Yeah, I found that’s the best way. If I give any hints, the fans are tenacious about it and build up in their own minds, “Oh, I bet it’s gonna be like this.” And when it winds up not being exactly what they hand in mind, they’re disappointed. So I found that kind of not saying anything is the best policy.

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Interview: Jason Mewes on 20 Years of Jay and Silent Bob, and the ‘Super Groovy Cartoon Movie’ in St. Louis May 18
Mar 2013 07

jay silent bob groovy movie banner

*Update: (5/8/14) Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie is now available on iTunes and VOD!*

Jason Mewes Jay and Silent Bob Short HairFor nearly 20 years, Jason Mewes has graced the silver screen in a diverse array of roles. But his most iconic would be the one that started it all – thanks to his longtime friend and director, Kevin Smith. It was in October 1994 that an independent film called Clerks launched the two into stardom, and the world was introduced to Jay and Silent Bob.

Mewes has appeared as Jay in seven films, an animated series, a television show – and the upcoming full-length animated feature, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Not only does Mewes star in the film; the actor is also taking on his first role as producer. Instead of using traditional distribution, Mewes and Smith are touring the country with the movie and hosting a “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” Q&A after each show. The tour kicks off on 4/20, and makes its way to St. Louis on May 18 at the Pageant. I had the pleasure of speaking to him about his career, friends, and what it’s like making a cartoon movie.

You have been a part of so many great films, alongside some very talented actors. Back when Kevin Smith asked you to be in Clerks, did you ever imagine you would be doing this for the next 20 years?

Clerks Original Movie Poster Kevin SmithDefinitely not. I mean, after Clerks I went back to roofing and construction – that was not what I did for work. It wasn’t until Mallrats. After he told me he wrote me in Mallrats and it was a studio film, I definitely was excited about it. It wasn’t until I was really there on set for a couple weeks, it was just so different… we had 30 crew members, and there was wardrobe, and we were staying in a hotel with a per diem. It was so surreal to me.

There was a guy on set from a magazine, and he was shooting an independent movie after Mallrats, a couple weeks after it was starting, and he asked me to be part of that. So I went right after that to do another movie. And I was like, “Wow, maybe this is something I can do.” But still… I definitely didn’t think that 20 years later I’d still be involved in stuff like “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” or the cartoons, or anything like that. Read More [..]

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