Juan’s Rant: Put Your Damn Vapor Cigs Away!
May 2015 20

Electronic-Cigarette-KR-808A-Vaping, it was thought to be a freedom enjoyed by the persecuted smoker. It was thought to be safe, and yes, even some thought it to be cool.
Well, Juan says you’re all full of shit!

As a former smoker, I detest vaping. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I literally laugh at folks who carry around a magic marker filled with some flavor of the week like Ass Crack Sweat, or Fromunda Cheese.

Sorry to say, but all you entrepreneurs who think you’re tapping into a goldmine by opening your Vape Shop, you will soon learn these very valuable lines, “Would you like fries with that?”
Yes, every red-blooded American feels it’s their God-given right to be able to sit in a restaurant, or at a Cardinals game and puff away on their magic dick stick. (That’s what I call them)
Well, sorry to say, but just like smokers, you guys are all screwed. How dumb can you be to think that inhaling some chemical is not harmful?

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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: The Flop of the Century
May 2015 14

There’s a sucker born every minute.

fightIf that phrase is true, you can put me down as one of those suckers, those dumb asses, who watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. dance around the ring, playing paddy cake with Manny Pacquiao. There were 16,507 suckers who actually attended the event in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena. That attendance alone generated a $74 million paid gate. The event that was billed as the Fight of the Century was a catastrophic flop, as far as action goes.

Mayweather looked like he was better suited to be a marathon runner with all the laps he ran around Pacquiao. The Wall Street Journal was on point when it said, it’s good that we have 85 years left to top it. Some people, who threw down $100 to watch the fight on pay per view, have since filed a lawsuit due to Pacquiao’s fighting with a bad shoulder.

Viewers are crying foul, feeling that they should get their money back since Pac Man didn’t make his shoulder injury public knowledge. I may have thought the fight sucked ass, but I’m not asking for my money back and filing a law suit. The only person that is more of a douche than Mayweather, is someone who would sue over the outcome of a fight. Really? I mean come on. How much of a cheap ass do you have to be?

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Juan’s Rant: Why Chris, Why? A Case for Medical Marijuana
Apr 2015 20

As long as I’ve been alive, I’ve associated with the Democratic Party. My grandfather is a staunch Democrat. My family drove American Cars and worked for a living, like the majority of people I know. As I grew older, I started to do what any good journalist does: question the purpose of what I believe in.

I started to look at the views of the Republican and even Tea Party. It’s not that I was bored with the Democratic Party; I felt that as a journalist and scholar, I owed it to myself.

As a former educator, the only issue I had with Chris Christie was his stance on public education. He is deathly against it. Other than that, I like the guy. He knows his stuff, he seems like he is approachable – and he is from Jersey (AKA the home of the Sopranos). Maybe we need some mafia in Washington.

Medical Marijuana LogoWell, while my stance on public vs. private education has softened, my stance on marijuana use has not. I’m not saying I’m a stoner; I’m far from it. But I’ve done my research. As someone who deals with pain on a daily basis due to spine issues, I’m willing to try anything. I currently take an Oxycodone or two a night. I was on Hydrocodone, which is extremely addictive. If my prescription ran out and I couldn’t get a refill – watch out. It was like watching an addict withdraw. So, one night I decided to try a joint. The results were magnificent.

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Movie Review: ‘American Sniper’ is the Best Film of the Year
Jan 2015 16

American Sniper PosterClint Eastwood masterfully directs and Bradley Cooper gives the performance of a lifetime as Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal sniper who recorded more kills than any soldier in U.S. History.

Am I a bit biased here? Perhaps, given that I was one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys.” The director has an eye for great war stories, just look at Letters From Iwo Jima or Flags of Our Fathers.

Critics and moviegoers can say what they want about the top performances of the year, but Cooper is at the top of the list.

The film tells the story of Chris Kyle and his struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after returning from his tour of duty following 9/11. Some of the best scenes in the film involve Kyle trying to cope with the reality of being back at home as a civilian, and more importantly, a husband and father.

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Movie Review: ‘The Interview’ Starring Seth Rogen, James Franco
Jan 2015 06

The Interview PosterFirst it was on, then it was off, now it’s on again, sort of. The Interview, a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen has been one of the hottest topics in the entertainment world this past week. Thanks to the reaction of many after the film was taken out of theaters, it’s not gotten a new lease on life. It’s now become an act of patriotism to see this film. Looking at it as a way to defy a dictator, I used my debit card and fed my television $6 to do my part in protecting freedom of speech. God Bless America!

Regardless of how funny The Interview is, it will forever go down as the film that upset North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un so much that he declared it an “act of war.”

Now that I have seen the movie for myself, it makes me laugh to think that theaters were scared to show the film, as it’s truly nothing more than a sophomoric comedy.

James Franco plays Dave Skylark, a self-centered celebrity talk show host. Seth Rogen play Aaron Rapaport, Skylark’s uptight producer.

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